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Feel The Pulse of Your  Creative Leadership
Staying ahead in that competition requires constant innovation and creative thinking.
Creative Pulse is a revolutionary program that is developed to liberate your creative potential through inside out (human-centered) method. The course will engage you with insight, skill set & toolset focuses to equip and prepare your role as a game changer in your organization.

Understand the importance of creative leadership in this era.
Helping you to increase productivity and produce unexpected business ideas through embracing creative leadership as way of doing and being.
Improving individual performance by learning how to creatively produce self-generated solutions within constraints.
Constantly stay ahead of the competition by creating new opportunities and new innovations.
Able to embrace and adapt to the rapid changes.

Registration Rates
The registration rate for Creative Pulse is IDR 5,500,000,- (Exclude 10% VAT)
Your registration fee includes the following:
1. Venue
2. Lunch and snack breaks

For more information, contact Linda Umar
Phone: +62 812 9376 3299
Register today!

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