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Daya Dimensi Indonesia (DDI) is a world-class consulting firm that helps leaders in finding, developing, and managing the right people to achieve real business impact with highest level of ethical standards. DDI is the authorized representative of Development Dimensions International, a prominent Talent Management consultant, founded  in  1970 in Pittsburgh, USA. Through more than 21 years of experience in Indonesia, DDI has provided services to more than 400 organizations from various industries. Until 2019, there were more than 50,000 professionals and executives who had participated in the Assessment Center and Leadership Development program, with OHSAS certificate and supported by DDI’s Center for Applied Behavioral Research (CABER). 

Daya Dimensi Indonesia is a member of Dayalima Family, a Leadership Company with global standard solutions that partners with organizations undergoing transformation journey and challenges. Other family members include Dayalima Recruitment, Klob, Klobility, and Yayasan Indonesia Lebih Baik (YILB). Our intention is to generate leaders a better Indonesia through fresh ideas, forefront skills, and compassion for future generations. Together, we create Leaders of a New Planet.

Daya Qarsa is a strategictransformation consultant that offers integrated program services; rangingfrom strategy formulation to digital business implementation. We helporganizations undergo business transformation with a systematic andcomprehensive approach: SPORT (Strategy, People, Operations,IT/Digital Infrastructure, and Business Transformation).

Yayasan Indonesia Lebih Baik (YILB) is a non-profit organization that serves the purpose of being a catalyst to the idea of a beter Indonesia, which listed into two principles:

  1. 1. Development of people through innate cultural characters and dimensions;
  2. 2. Aligning our foundation through orientation that centered around compatibilities, transparancy and respect towards     every form of Indonesia's governmental law as well as each respective cultures.

As a member or DayaLima Family, YILB would like to enable our network of expertise in human development and apply its platform through the concept that is centered on community development.

Focusing on education, health, and arts & culture, YILB connects with people and organizations with social and/or art programs, organizations with CSR programs, as well as donors, making it possible for everyone to make a collaborative action in addressing challenges.

Klob is a self-discovery platform that matchmake users to their right future. It is designed for young generation who would like to understand their strength and self potential, to look for a chance of work and development, as well as to achieve their goals and dreams.

As a bridge between job seeker and employer, Klob provides a number of inventory for users through a series of validated tests. The results can then be used by organizations by matching it with their job acceptance criteria. Hence, the recruitment process can be effectively shortened.

Klobility is an initiative of DayaLima Abisatya to build a more inclusive Indonesia through sustainable social transforming.

With skills and more than 20 years of experience in developing human resources, based on integrity and technology, Klobility wants to build awareness and also encourage all parties to be able to jointly create a more inclusive environment for Indonesian citizens who have been marginalized so far.

This initiative we started with empowering persons with disabilities in the work environment as the main pillar.

Salam Indonesia inklusif!