Learning Excellence

Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers a wide range of solutions in learning & development, powered by Development Dimensions International and our own modules. Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers more than 80 learning modules developing personal, team, and leadership effectiveness, performance management, planning, appraisal, and many others. We partner with our clients in crafting learning blueprints and development curricula, from high-quality workshops to tailor-made yearlong leadership development journeys. Our learning programs are technology-enabled with certified facilitators to ensure service excellence.

Human Resources & Organisation Transformation

Daya Dimensi Indonesia partners with clients in designing strategic organisation solutions in order to create a sound and sustainable platform for organisations to excel. Our solutions in this area include, but are not limited to, consulting & advisory, human resources management audit, organisation culture diagnostics, human resources management strategic roadmap/blueprint design, organisation culture development, employee engagement  analytics, and competency modelling (technical and behaviour).