Consulting & Organization Transformation

Daya Dimensi Indonesia partners with clients in designing strategic organization solutions in order to create a sound and sustainable platform for organizations to excel. Our solutions in this area include, but are not limited to, consulting & advisory, human resources management audit, organization culture diagnostics, human resources management strategic road map/blueprint design, organization culture development, employee engagement analytics, and competency modelling (technical and behavior). 

Personal Transformation & Executive Development Journey

We understand that the desire for self-improvement is a basic human need, whether in a professional or personal setting. Therefore, Daya Dimensi Indonesia gathers brilliant minds paired with compassionate hearts and helping hands as coaches and mentors that help others in their transformation journey. Our coaches and mentors have their own unique expertise and methods to fit every personal developments needs. Each are certified by various coaching organisations, such as ICF, MCC, CCE, etc, among many others.

To provide a more comprehensive transformation journey for executives and high-potential talents, Daya Dimensi Indonesia also partner with global top universities in designing and delivering comprehensive development programs. Each journey is uniquely made to cater to each clients' and personalised to fit participants' needs. The journey can be tailor-made to a specific timeline and consist of a variety of programs, from in-class training to tech-based learning to gamified modules to coaching.