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    It's Not Just About the Competencies

    The value of competencies is well researched. Many multinational and industry-leading organizations have come to realize the benefits of competencies over the last decade, helped in part by copious supporting research. Several years ago, we learned that 79 percent of best-in-class companies defined core competencies at the start of the hiring process (Aberdeen, 2011). Another piece of research demonstrated that 89 percent of best-in-class organizations had core competencies defined for all roles (Aberdeen, 2010).

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    Development: A Runner’s Perspectives

    Every year I set a running goal. In 2013 it was to run 2500 km. Tick. In 2014 I reduced it to 1500 km but elected to focus on getting faster.

    In the last few months of 2014, to be honest, things hadn’t gone as planned so I was a little off track. There were a number of very good reasons (excuses) I could give for this but in the face of impending failure in December, I returned to my goals and figured out how much I needed to run each week as the end of the calendar year was fast approaching.

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    High-Resolution Leadership

    A synthesis of 15,000 assessments into how leaders shape the business landscape

    High-Resolution Leadership is a collection of findings that reflect how leadership shapes today's business landscape. Through 18 different lenses on the implications about leadership, we see everything from how leaders impact financial growth to economic turnaround to their skyrocketing rise to the top.A synthesis of 15,000 assessments into how leaders shape the business landscape

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    by Terrie Lupberger, MCC

    From a historical perspective, there has been no other time in history in which women have had such enormous power and opportunity to generate change at both local and global scales. The traditional, rational, logical and largely masculine models that have dominated humanity’s thinking for the last 500+ years – in science, religion, economics, education, etc. - are insufficient in providing the solutions we desperately need to create a world that works for everyone.

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    7 Leadership Practices Linked Directly to Corporate Financial Success

    By Rich Wellins, Ph.D.

    As we move into a new year, the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape will continue.  And leaders operating in this environment face many challenges that will require their organizations’ attention and support.  In the research we conducted with The Conference Board—The Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 (GLF), Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow’s Business Challenges—we examined the relationship between leadership practices and financial performance in this environment and identified the 7 specific leadership best practices most unique to organizations in the top 20 percent of financial performance.