Meeting Tomorrow’s Bussiness Challenges: Mapping Indonesia’s Talent

In the current era where the environment changes in a matter of days, many (if not all) leaders are spending a lot of time preparing for the unpredictable. Planning, forecasting, and training simply cannot work if the environment that you are preparing for never actually appears. This year, ASEAN will integrate to become a single community and implementation becomes more critical than strategy. As Indonesia’s potential is starting to attract many global investors, its human capital urgently needs to catch up.
The spearhead of DDI’s bi-annual global research on best practices in leadership development and talent acquisition, Dr. Rich Wellins addressed these challenges in an Executive Breakfast Discussion to explore what leadership characteristic is required to face tomorrow’s business challenges.
The Discussion was held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at Raffles Hotel Jakarta and attended by more than 60 executive leaders from prominent organisations in Indonesia.
To download the materials from the discussion, click here.
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